The 5 Rules of Engagement on YouTube

Audiences on YouTube are primed to engage – and there are now more ways than ever to drive results through the platform. Taking inspiration from some YouTube Works For Brands award winners, we explore five powerful rules to consider if you want to cut through and make an impact

Rule #1: Be smart with targeting

Want to discover how YouTube’s unique ecosystem allows brands engage with audiences based on intent? Click here to find out more.

Rule #2: Take a stand

Smart brands know how to use moments, movements and milestones to amplify engagement with audiences. Discover how brands can take a stand – and make a real difference – here.

Rule #3: Inspire passion

Because YouTube audiences are more emotionally invested in content, they’re especially receptive to messages delivered in the right way. Learn about how brands can tap into viewer passions to drive results here.

Rule #4: Spend with precision

YouTube is the go-to place for smarter ad spending: it allows for experimentation, analysis and iteration, while providing granular feedback that can help shape long-term strategy. Find out more about how to spend smartly here.

Rule #5: Crank up the volume

YouTube viewers are primed for audio – because they’ve arrived wanting to watch video, they’re more likely to be listening. Find out how using sound can help turn attention into action here.

Article by The YouTube Insights Team

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