Nursing a plan of starting a business this year? The year is already running very fast. A lot of people started this year with the plan of starting a small business. The truth is … it’s never too late to actualise your plan. Our business consultant has looked into some of the SME business ideas you can easily start with low overhead. It is worth noting that there are no new business ideas out there that haven’t been done before. However, people are starting new businesses every day, building on the existing business ideas and model. The easier way to think of a business idea is to look into the failings of an existing business, product or services and offer lasting solutions that will meet the need of your customers. Failings of the existing business could be poor customer services, bad product etc. You can find this information on review sites like Amazon Customer Reviews, Trust pilot, and Facebook business page, Ratings & Reviews.

What is a business?

Whatever business idea you intend to start, ensure it adds value. Your business must solve an existing problem, no matter how small it is. Consumers are willing to pay for a product or service that solve their problem or add value.

          Business is selling value for money

12 Business Ideas You Can Start This Year

1. Consultant

Individuals and businesses are looking for a consultant on a daily basis. To be a consultant, you need to have expertise in something you know very well. It could be you’ve acquired several years of experience in your current role or you’ve worked with your granddad who owned a facility management business.  You worked closely with clients, closing deals. You can use this experience to help new businesses that are in need of client management services. One of the advantages of being a consultant is that there is little overhead depending on your area of specialisation.

As a consultant, you will be expected to insure yourself against any unforeseeable claim. Training or licensing to practice may be required depending on the sector or area of speciality.

2. Cleaning Service

As long as there is life, there is always going to be a need for cleaning services. Yes, there are a lot of businesses already delivering cleaning services. However, you can change the way cleaning services are being delivered. Restaurants, letting agencies and retail businesses are constantly looking for cleaning services.

3. E-commerce

With e-commerce business currently making waves, you can partner with eBay, Gumtree, Amazon to start an e-commerce business. You need to create a niche for yourself. Research the market thoroughly. Amazon, for example, has a scheme called Amazon Fulfilment where you can begin your e-commerce journey.

4. Editorial Service

This is one of the endless business opportunities out there. As social media keeps evolving, businesses are looking for copywriter, article and content provider.

You can either write to promote a business or product or provide content for website, brochures, catalogues, advertising. Depending on the sector, experience and licensing may be required.

5. Financial Adviser

Million of people are looking for a financial adviser who can provide sound financial advice to help them make an informed decision regarding their mortgage, loan, investment, shares etc. Even top-tier financial institutions are always in need of the service of financial advisers. If you have years of experience in the financial industry, this could be the best option for you.

6. Computer Trainer and IT Support

We are in the computer age and technology is now at the forefront of everything we do. Businesses use technologies to increase their competitive advantage.   So there is a need for skilled people who can use computers or IT skills to help businesses deliver services. As a computer trainer, you can either train an individual as part of their personal development plan or group of people within an organisation who requires basic computer skills such as word processing, spreadsheet, programming or PC maintenance to do their job. Alternatively, you can be providing IT support services to small and medium scale businesses.

7. Event Planning

It is no longer hidden that everybody wants his or her event to be successful.   Businesses are also looking for an event planner and management companies that can help with their event  Where can I start?   The first step would be to register a business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Search every event location within your community, local govt and schedule a visit. A quick email or telephone contact with the venue manager can go along away in closing deals. The next step would be to create a database of event venues including facilities available for your potential customers- event owners. Our web developer at Digital Crux Media can help you create a responsive database that meets your need.

8. Fence Installer, Landscaper and Gardener

Property owners always want a fence, good landscape and well-maintained garden. This type of business doesn’t necessarily require certification. However, you can acquire one to distinguish yourself from your competitors. If you’ve ever erected or maintained your fence or garden, then you’re 50% there. Depending on the nature of the job, you may require service of landscape architects if you’re not skilled in that area. So it is advisable to partner with a freelance landscape architect. A typical job would involve planting and pruning of trees and shrubs; installation of paving, paths, fence, cutting of grasses, vegetable garden preparation, clean up; pest control and watering etc.

9. Graphic Designer

As social media continues to evolve, digital marketing companies and small businesses are in dire need of a graphic designer who can help create contents- fliers and advertisement campaigns.   There is a huge market for this service. If you’re innovative and creative, then you stand a chance of running a successful graphic design business. You must know how to use most of the graphic design software like Photoshop, coral draw and adobe illustrator etc.   An online marketplace like Fiver could be a starting point to market your service

10. Hairstylist

Have you heard of an adage that says: looking dapper is a good business but it is expensive. Everybody wants to look good but it comes with a cost.   Regardless of the cost, people will always need a haircut or hairstyling. This business has proven to be lucrative and the business model is very easy and straightforward. You may require training depending on your previous experience and kind of services you intend to deliver.

11. Photographer  

Images they said speaks a thousand words. Photography isn’t going to end. People and businesses are still interested in taking photos. There are various ways you can make money as a photographer either as a photojournalist or wedding photographer etc. The list is endless. Can you capture a memorable moment for your client? Or a picture of a place, product or an event? If yes, then you should consider going into the photography business.   As easy as it sounds, you don’t want to ruin your client’s event, so you may require some training on taking quality photos and photo editing software.

12. Website Developer and Designer  

Companies and businesses are in need of a website developer, software developer and designer. If you can write codes or you’ve mastered most of the programming languages then you stand a chance of starting and running a successful business.

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